Checking SNI SSL certificate expiry in Linux/Mac

The Problem This is how we normally check the expiry of an SSL certificate echo | openssl s_client -connect 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates This is all fine and dandy if you have only one SSL domain hosted in the same IP address. If you try to check... [Read More]
Tags: Linux, Mac, OpenSSL, SSL, Letsencrypt

Debugging in Google Container Engine nodes

If you are using Kubernetes in Google Container Engine, at some point, you might have to debug from the node level (Nodes are the virtual machines where the entire cluster lives). For any debugging, you might need some additional packages, like tcpdump or netstat. The catch here is that the... [Read More]
Tags: Debian, Ubuntu, GoogleCloud, Bucket

How to mount a Google Cloud Bucket in Linux

Google Cloud Storage is Google’s equivalent of Amazon’s S3. And it’s cheaper than S3 and works pretty great. Today, I’ll be explaining how to mount a Google Cloud Storage bucket to your Linux Machine (Running Debian/Ubuntu) using gcsfuse [Read More]
Tags: Debian, Ubuntu, GoogleCloud, Bucket

Enable SSH in Raspberry Pi without a monitor

If you are trying to setup your Raspberry Pi ( Running Raspbian ) without a monitor, you might be in for a surprise. Well, the new Raspbian versions do not have SSH enabled by default, and for good reason. Most people who setup a RaspberryPi do not even change the... [Read More]
Tags: RaspberryPi, SSH, Raspbian

Using cron in Docker containers ( Kubernetes )

When it comes to Docker containers, even a simple task can be pretty confusing, like the cron jobs. I know it was confusing for me at least. And I had to spent a lot of time scratching my head because my cron job just won’t start. [Read More]
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